In the following form you are asked to provide information about your writing project as well as your experience of writing scientific papers in the area of academic/ educational/ faculty development. As participants will work on their own writing and give/ receive feedback from a small group of peers and a member of the IJAD editorial team it is important for us to get information on your experience and your ambitions during the writing retreat. Writing projects must be focused on academic development, but the genre as well as audience for these writing projects is wide open - there is no expectation that participants are solely writing for IJAD. The writing retreat is open to both new and established scholars.

1. When you fill out the form below, data about you is registered in a webbased system and database at Stockholm University, Sweden. Stockholm University is responsible for the treatment and use of your personal identification data. The data about you is used to administer your registration for the IJAD writing retreat in Zurich 13-15 June 2019. It enables the organisers of the IJAD writing retreat to order lunch and refreshments  and provide information before and after the writing retreat for the participants. Please write 'yes' if you understand and accept the conditions. If you have any questions, please contact
2. Name
3. Academic position
4. Original discipline
5. Number of years in academic development
6. Number of previous articles written in the area of academic development/ higher education
7. University and country
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9. Dietary requirements
10. I want to participate in the 13 June group dinner at my own expense
In the following format, please submit a brief abstract (200 words) that outlines what you would like to work on during the writing retreat
11. Background and aim
12. Data collected or equivalent
13. Goals to be achieved during the writing retreat
14. Particular areas or points where you anticipate you would like feedback during the retreat