Teaching Psychology in Europe
Are you a teacher of psychology? This is a questionnaire for teachers of psychology. It is distributed in European countries that have psychology on sub-university levels. By participating, you will contribute to important knowledge on teaching the subject of psychology.

The aim of this survey is to obtain new knowledge about psychology as a teaching subject and what it is like to be a psychology teacher. The survey aims to provide answers on how teaching psychology, the content of the subject psychology and the experience of the subject of psychology can appear in different countries. The ambition is also to gather knowledge about how the subject plays a role in more overarching abilities in education. Towards the end of the questionnaire there is room for you to comment and tell your story, if you wish, about how exactly you became a psychology teacher and how you experience it.

IMPORTANT! Optional language! The questions and the pre-printed response options in the questionnaire are available in English or Swedish (make your choice on this page in the upper right corner before you start). In the open-ended questions the language is optional, and you can state your answers in any (European) language! Chose a language that works well for you.

All participation is of course voluntary, and all information is treated completely confidentially and in line with ethical guidelines. By participating, you accept that the information you provide may be used for research purposes. The survey intends to explore many aspects of the topic and is therefore comprehensive. We expect that you will need at least 20 - 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire

If you have questions about the survey, please contact:
Dr. Ebba Christina BlÄvarg,
University of Stockholm

The contact information will be repeated at the end of the survey.
This first part is about you and your role as a teacher.
1. Do you work as a teacher?
2. Is teaching psychology a part of your current employment?
3. For how long have you been teaching psychology? Exclude extended periods of absence (e.g. career breaks).
4. Do you have a teaching qualitfication?
5. Do you have a teaching qualitfication specifically in psychology?
6. Do other psychology teachers work at the school where you are teaching?
7. If there is more than one psychology techer, how many are there?
8. Do you collaborate with other psychology teachers around the teaching of psychology?
9. Do you teach more subjects than psychology?
10. Do you integrate the teaching of psychology with any of your other school subjects? (for example: in cross-disciplinary topics / projects)
11. Do you collaborate with teachers in other school subjects around the teaching of psychology?
12. What is your highest level of education?
13. What kind of employment do you have? (for example: subjects teacher, lecturer, teacher's assistant)
14. What is your age?
15. What is your gender?
16. What country/region do you teach in? (If you don't work as a teacher at present, what country/region do you represent in this survey?)
17. Do you have access to any form of continuing professional development / skills development in psychology or psychology teaching in your work? Mark your answer on a scale between 1 = No, not at all to 10 = Yes, to a large extent,
  1 no, not at all 2 34 5678910 Yes, to a large extent No answer
18. If yes, what kind of continuing professional development / skills development is it? (Short answer. Write the answer in the language you feel most comfortable with)